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Chiropractic care works to enhance your overall health by ensuring that your nervous system is working at its peak potential, and that your brain communicates with every cell, muscle, and organ in your body via the nerves. In order for your body to function properly and relatively pain free, the nerves must be free of irritation and the spinal bones must move properly.

At your first visit, your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive exam consisting of a complete health history, physical examination, and sometimes x-rays. The spinal exam will focus on testing for nerve irritation and improper spinal movement. The nerve irritation can be caused by spinal misalignments, called subluxations. These misalignments may interfere with the communication from the brain to the cells, muscles, and organs in your body, thus affecting your overall health and well-being.




A chiropractic adjustment is the correction of a spinal misalignment, often done by hand or specific chiropractic instrument. The goal is to realign the spinal vertebrae to regain proper joint movement and to reduce nerve irritation.

Adjustment techniques are tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient, whether they are adults, seniors, children, newborns, pregnant women, or failed back surgery patients. The treatment schedule is also tailored to each patient's individual needs.

A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, non-invasive approach to spinal health.






Everyone benefits from proper spinal alignment, but specific conditions related to
nerve irritation caused by spinal misalignment are:

  • back pain
  • neck pain/torticollis
  • arm pain
  • shoulder pain
  • headaches/migraines
  • sciatica
  • leg pain
  • foot pain
  • arm/leg numbness
  • digestive problems/IBS
  • constipation
  • colic
  • ear infections
  • reduced neck range of motion
  • knee pain
  • TMJ (jaw problems)
  • tendonitis (shoulder & elbow)
  • wrist pain (carpal tunnel)
  • whiplash
  • joint pain

Everyone's response varies according to their own body's ability to heal.

Chiropractic enhances the body's natural ability to heal, minimizing the need for drugs and surgeries.



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